‘Powering the Future': New models in renewable energy finance

Over $200 billion is spent each year on financing renewable energy projects, a global investment market set to expand at double digit growth rates far into the future. Renewable Energy Finance describes in rich detail current best practices and evolving trends in clean energy investing. With contributions from some of the world’s leading experts in […]

‘Copycat, copycat': Imitation vs. Innovation in business model design

With the proliferation of highly innovative, highly successful but replicable online business models and the march of globalization, copycat businesses are on the rise. Yet there is much debate on whether this is a good thing for innovation or an effective strategy for entrepreneurs. As part of this year’s Entrepreneurial Smart Camp, I presented a […]

Philosophers in the boardroom: Insights from theory on practice

Last weekend, London Business School hosted the 7th Sumantra Ghoshal Conference – an annual event where business school academics focus on what they consider to be ‘managerially relevant research’. For those who didn’t make it, here is a brief insight into some of the themes and thoughts that emerged. ‘The smell of the place’ Perhaps the most enduring […]

Can we sustain an inclusive EU monetary system? Overcoming design failure and a look at the Eurozone 2018

Last night, Professor Domenico Siniscalco (Vice Chairman of Morgan Stanley) gave his views on ‘The Eurozone 2018: what should we expect ten years after Lehman Brother’s collapse?’ The overarching theme of the lecture was tied to system design failure and how European leaders would sustain a political vision for an inclusive monetary union despite huge discrepancies […]

Singapore A*STAR: Designing a World-Class Innovation Ecosystem

Over twenty years, Singapore has transformed itself from an entrepôt economy to one driven by knowledge and innovation. This important transition has resulted from strategic investment by the government, in science, technology and medicine, enabling it to improve its position in the global value chain and overcome its size limitations to become Asia’s ‘innovation capital’ […]

‘Saving Economics from the Economists': A Tribute to the Late Ronald Coase

Another tribute to the British economist and Nobel Laureate, Ronald Coase who died this week at the tender age of 102. Best known for his seminal contributions to the fields of management, law and economics, in particular: ‘The Nature of the Firm’ (1937), in which he introduced the concept of transaction costs to explain the […]